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Postnatal Wellness for Mature Mothers at Naturoville

A 35-year-old new mother and her six-week-old baby experienced a transformative 21-day wellness program at Naturoville Wellness Retreat,


A 35-year-old mother with her six-week-old baby sought a comprehensive postnatal wellness program at Naturoville Wellness Retreat, committing to a 21-day journey. Their goal was to address age-specific postpartum challenges and nurture the well-being of both mother and baby.

Holistic Treatment Plan

1. Mother's Recovery:

   - Panchakarma therapies like Pinda Sweda and Kati Basti for targeted postnatal recovery.

   - Nutrient-rich Ayurvedic diet to replenish essential elements.

   - Meditation and stress-relief techniques tailored for mature mothers.

2. Baby's Early Development:

   - Baby massage using gentle herbal oils for muscle development.

   - Introduction to baby yoga for flexibility and coordination.

   - Guidance on age-appropriate sensory activities for cognitive stimulation.

3. Nutritional Support:

   - Customized nutrition plan for the mother, focusing on hormonal balance and energy restoration.

   - Expert advice on breastfeeding techniques and optimal nutrition for the baby.


After the 21-day program, the mature mother reported enhanced physical and mental well-being, while the baby showed positive developmental milestones and improved sleep patterns.

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