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Holistic Postnatal Care for Mother & Baby at Naturoville

A 25-year-old new mother and her three-month-old embarked on a 14-day holistic retreat at Naturoville Wellness Retreat to enhance postpartum recovery and support the baby's development. The program included postnatal Abhyanga, tailored Ayurvedic diets, gentle yoga, baby massages, and bonding activities. The mother experienced significant improvements in energy and reduced discomfort, while the baby showed increased responsiveness and contentment. The retreat facilitated a deepened bond between mother and child, highlighting Naturoville's expertise in postnatal care.


A 25-year-old new mother and her three-month-old baby embarked on a holistic postnatal retreat at Naturoville Wellness Retreat. Committed to a 14-day program, they aimed to address postpartum recovery, enhance bonding, and support the baby's development.

Holistic Treatment Plan

1. Mother's Rejuvenation:

   - Postnatal Abhyanga (therapeutic oil massage) for healing and relaxation.

   - Ayurvedic dietary plan to support lactation and nourish the mother.

   - Meditation and gentle yoga sessions tailored for postpartum recovery.

2. Baby's Developmental Support:

   - Baby massage with natural oils for growth and sensory stimulation.

   - Soft music and infant-friendly sensory activities to promote cognitive development.

   - Guidance on breastfeeding techniques and nutritional support for the baby.

3. Bonding Activities:

   - Mother-baby yoga sessions focusing on gentle movements and bonding.

   - Parenting workshops to provide valuable insights into newborn care.

   - Nature walks and outdoor activities to foster a connection with the environment.


At the end of the 14-day program, the new mother experienced improved energy levels, reduced postpartum discomfort, and a deeper bond with her baby, who showed signs of enhanced responsiveness and contentment.

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