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Diabetes Reversal Success in 21 Days

At 57, a woman embarked on a 21-day journey at Naturoville, addressing diabetes and musculoskeletal issues with a personalized wellness plan. Remarkable outcomes included substantial blood sugar level improvements, weight loss, alleviation of knee pain, and muscle cramps relief, culminating in a complete reversal of her diabetes and cessation of all prior medications. Her fasting and post-meal sugar levels dramatically decreased, showcasing the holistic approach's transformative power.


Her health concerns were multifaceted encompassing both metabolic and musculoskeleal challenges, the  chief  complaints  of  Diabetes  mellitus  since  22  years  and  associated  complaints  of  swelling  in  B/L  legs,  hands  and  face,  heaviness  in  the  body,  pain  in  B/L  knee  joints, weakness in legs and occasionally cramps in calf muscles, and fatigue since 1year. She was taking allopathic medicines since 22 years. Upon investigations to rule out her present health condition our team of doctors wanted to see her fasting and post prandial blood glucose and HbA1c to assess the severity of the disease. she was reported to have fasting blood glucose 150mg/dl, post prandial 200mg/dl & HbA1c 7.7

Diagnosis and nadi parikshan

After a detailed consultation our team of doctors to assess through the ancient practice of nadi parikshan the diagnostic tool which helps our wellness experts to identify one’s specific prakruti( individual constitution) laying the foundation of a tailored treatment plan , nutritional diet focusing on controlling blood sugar level and completing the nutritional deficiency from a healthy diet, therapeutic yoga, digestive breathing and above all a healthy atmosphere to distress her.

Treatment plan

Armed with insight from the diagnosis, naturoville’s medical team crafted a personalized treatment plan for her focusing on specialized therapies to address her alleviated blood sugar level simultaneously targeted interventions to reduce knee pain, cramps and fatigue ensuring a holistic approach o her well being.

Along with the treatment oral medications given to the patient to maximize her overall health betterment.  

Criteria for Assessment: patient was examined weekly and suitable scoring pattern and 

Objective sign were recorded to asses any changes present in the patients. After completion of 

21 days of treatment, the efficacy of therapy was assessed on the basis of the subjective 

criteria  like  Fatigue, swelling,  calf muscle  cramps  and  objective criteria  like  FBS,  PPBS 


Remarkable Results

After just 21days at Naturoville, she experienced remarkable results. Her sugar levels showed a significant improvement, and she witnessed substantial weight loss. The alleviation of knee pain pain and zero muscle further added to her sense of well-being, showcasing the effectiveness of the personalized treatment plan.

Along with all these transformations, she had now managed to completely reverse her diabetes and had completely stopped her past medication! In fact, at departure, her fasting sugar had dropped to 100 mg/dL (from 150 mg/dL) and her post-meal sugar had come down to 138 mg/dL (from 200 mg/ dL). She had achieved almost-normal readings!


Her healing  journey  at naturoville exemplifies the transformative power of a holistic approach to health. The integration of ancient diagnostics like Nadi Parikshan, coupled with tailored treatments, yielded impressive results in a relatively short period. This case study underscores over commitment to providing personalized solutions that empower guests to reclaim their health and vitality.

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