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15-Day Sugar Balance Success at Naturoville

A guest sought Naturoville's natural treatments for diabetes management, achieving remarkable blood sugar balance in just 15 days through personalized dietary and lifestyle adjustments, guided by Nadi Parikshan and a targeted therapeutic approach. This case highlights the efficacy of a focused wellness strategy in managing diabetes naturally.


One of our guest who was coming first time to india to seek natural treatment to manage his diabetes and over all wellbeing chose naturoville after having an online consultation where our doctors focus on providing detailed information what he can expect and nature and course of treatment and number of days to improve his health condition to sought exclusive care at our wellness centre to tackle his high blood sugar levels. His primary goal was precise: achieving optimal sugar balance through a focused wellness approach.

Diagnosis and Nadi Parikshan

Upon arrival, he underwent a concise health evaluation, including the ancient diagnostic practice of Nadi Parikshan. This streamlined process unveiled his unique prakriti, enabling a targeted treatment plan for blood sugar management.

Treatment Plan

Naturoville's experts crafted a personalized 15-day plan for him emphasizing therapeutic interventions and lifestyle adjustments tailored to his blood sugar needs. The approach combined dietary precision and mindful practices for an efficient wellness journey.

Remarkable Results

In just 15 days, he experienced rapid and noteworthy results in maintaining optimal blood sugar levels. The focused interventions showcased the effectiveness of the personalized approach at naturoville.


His success story underscores our commitment to delivering precise, results-driven solutions. This case highlights the power of a targeted, 15-day wellness plan in achieving swift and sustainable blood sugar balance.

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