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Revolutionary Healing from Anorexia and Alcohol Dependence at Naturoville

A 39-year-old male overcame anorexia, alcohol dependence, and achieved health transformation at Naturoville Wellness Retreat through Ayurvedic therapies, nutrition, detox, yoga, and mental health support, leading to substantial improvements in physical and mental well-being.


A 39-year-old male sought assistance at Naturoville Wellness Retreat, presenting with the challenges of anorexia nervosa, an alcohol habit, and a desire for a comprehensive health transformation. His struggles encompassed distorted eating habits, significant weight loss, alcohol dependence, and a decline in overall well-being.

Initial Assessment

The guest underwent a comprehensive consultation with the experienced medical team at Naturoville, providing insights into his medical history, emotional well-being, and the complexities surrounding anorexia nervosa and alcohol dependence.


   - Anorexia Nervosa-Related Symptoms:

     - Significant weight loss and malnutrition

     - Fatigue, weakness, and nutrient deficiencies

     - Distorted body image and intense fear of gaining weight

   - Alcohol Habit-Related Symptoms:

     - Dependency on alcohol for stress relief

     - Impaired cognitive function

     - Compromised liver function

Nadi Parikshan Findings

   The Nadi Parikshan revealed imbalances in Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas, reflecting the intricate impact of anorexia nervosa and alcohol dependence on both physical and mental well-being.

Ayurvedic Diagnosis and Comprehensive Treatment Plan

   The Ayurvedic diagnosis indicated disturbances in Agni (digestive fire), Prana Vayu (life force related to breath), and overall Prakriti (constitution). The personalized treatment plan included:

   a. Snehana and Swedana (Oil Massage and Steam Therapy)

   Therapeutic oil massages and steam sessions to nourish the body, alleviate stress, and promote detoxification.

   b. Virechana (Purgation Therapy)

   A carefully administered cleansing procedure to eliminate toxins, address digestive imbalances, and promote overall well-being.

   c. Sattvic Diet and Nutritional Counseling

   Customized nutritional guidance emphasizing Sattvic foods to restore nutritional balance, enhance digestion, and support recovery from anorexia nervosa.

   d. Herbal Supplements and Detoxification

   Prescribing herbal supplements to address nutrient deficiencies, support organ function, and counteract the impact of alcohol on the liver.

   e. Yoga, Pranayama, and Behavioral Counseling

   Incorporating yoga postures, breathing exercises, and counseling sessions to address both physical and psychological aspects of anorexia nervosa, alcohol dependence, and promote mental well-being.

Supporting Mental Health and Addressing Oxidative Stress:

 Discussing the effects of oxidative stress on mental health and incorporating specific interventions, including antioxidant-rich foods, to counteract oxidative damage associated with alcohol dependence and anorexia nervosa.

Progress and Results

The guest committed to the comprehensive treatment plan, including Ayurvedic therapies, lifestyle changes, and counseling sessions. Over several weeks, he reported significant improvements in weight restoration, enhanced energy levels, and a positive shift in his mindset towards body image. The holistic approach at Naturoville Wellness Retreat played a crucial role in his transformative journey towards overcoming anorexia nervosa, alcohol dependence, and embracing a holistic approach to health.


 This case study showcases the success of Naturoville Wellness Retreat in addressing the challenges of anorexia nervosa and alcohol dependence in a 39-year-old male. The integrated approach, combining Ayurvedic principles, therapeutic interventions, and addressing oxidative stress, proved transformative. The guest experienced notable improvements in physical health, mental well-being, and successfully embraced a holistic lifestyle, emphasizing the potential for comprehensive healing even in complex cases.

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