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Naturoville's Triumph: A Diabetes and Obesity Case Study

A 51-year-old male experiencing severe symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes and obesity underwent a holistic transformation at Naturoville. Through a tailored program of Panchakarma, acupuncture, cupping, and natural supplements, he remarkably reversed insulin resistance and shed 16 kg in a month. His fasting sugar levels dropped to nearly normal, showcasing Naturoville's effective integration of Ayurveda and naturopathy in managing complex health conditions.


A  51 year  old, male  patient was admitted at our centre, with the chief complains of body ache, Sweet taste of mouth, Burning sensation at sole, excess dryness of mouth, increased frequency of urination for more than 2 to 3 month, and other associated complains were excessive hunger, atichinta  (excessive  mental  stress),  and  nidravriddhi  (excessive Sleeping excess for last 1 month). Personal history revealed that the patient is lacto-vegetarian but used to take extra oily and fatty diet, with a habit of intake of junk food and Diurnal sleep. Frequency of micturition is 8-9 times during day and 4-5 times at night, bowel habits are irregular with mild constipation (once/1-2  days,  hard  stool)  and  the  patient  has  no  addictions.  

Past  history

Revealed that patient was suffering from type 2 Diabetes mellitus for one year. He  was on metformin but was very irregular  in taking  medicines and routine check-up of blood sugar levels. Family history revealed that his mother is diabetic. The General examinations of the patient revealed dryness of tongue, as for vitals, Pulse rate was 84/min, respiratory rate of 18/min and blood pressure of 120/80 mm of Hg. His body weight was 115 kg, height 6 feet 1 inch and BMI of 33.4 Kg/m2.  Based on this presentation, the patient was diagnosed as a case of Diabetes mellitus type-2, obesity.  To manage his diabetes he was taking 16 units insulin before breakfast and 8 units before dinner. He wanted to try the natural way to improve his health so he chose naturoville for ayurveda and naturopathy treatment. His reports showed that his Fasting Sugar level was 140 mg/dL (normal should be 99 mg/dL) and PP sugar was ranging between 200 mg/dL- 240mg/dl (normal should be less than 140 mg/dL).this was after aking insulin regularly.

His healing treatment protocol

At naturoville he was put on an integrated Doctor-guided programme which was desigened to reverse his diabetic condition, reduce insulin dependancy and provide him with the much-needed weight loss. His programme was designed for a month, focusing on combination of deep cleansing through panchkarma, acupuncture and cupping therapy to stimulate reflexes points, satvic diet as per digestive fire strength, relaxing technique through yoga and meditation and mind full healing through mother nature walk.

The treatment protocol consisted of treating the root cause while addressing the high visceral fat, insulin resistance and ongoing inflammation in his body. Along with all this, he was also put on some Naturals’ herbal supplements of gudmar (For improved insulin sensitivity), medicine to improve metabolic rate and improve liver health (arrests & reverses oxidative damage at the cellular level).

His transformation after 1 month

he had a miraculous transformation after 1MONTH… he had dropped 16 kgs of weight (he was now down to 99 kgs from 115 kgs), and this included a pure Fat loss of 15 kgs! Even his visceral fat had dropped 6 points. Along with all these transformations, he had now managed to completely reverse his insulin resistance and had completely stopped his past medication! In fact, at departure, his fasting sugar had dropped to 100 mg/dL (from 150 mg/dL) and his post-meal sugar had come down to 133 mg/dL (from 240 mg/ dL). he had achieved almost-normal readings!

he left naturoville  with a far greater understanding of his condition; he was determined to take this education for self-management forward in his days at home (he also carried back prescribed diet charts) and continue with the Naturals supplementation that treats the root cause of the disease and not just the symptom. This was truly an inspiring diabetes type 2 and obesity case study!

Please Note: These results may vary depending upon body CONSTITUTION and pre-conditions.

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