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Harmony Restored: A Lupus Wellness Breakthrough natnaturoville


A 34 yrs old determined guest at naturoville, arrived with a known case of lupus, an autoimmune disease. Battling allergic reactions, excess weight, body aches, and digestive issues, her primary focus was on alleviating symptoms and shedding excess weight.


Her health challenges included the complexities of lupus, allergic reactions, and overweight concerns, creating a multifaceted wellness scenario.

Diagnosis and Nadi Parikshan

Upon arrival, she underwent a thorough diagnostic process, incorporating the ancient wisdom of Nadi Parikshan. This allowed the medical team at Naturoville to discern her unique prakriti, paving the way for a personalized treatment plan.

Treatment Plan

Naturoville’s experts designed a tailored16-day program for her , addressing her lupus symptoms, allergic reactions, and weight concerns. The treatment plan encompassed therapeutic interventions and dietary adjustments to specifically target itching, wounds, and digestive issues.

Remarkable Results

After just 16 days at Naturoville, she experienced a transformative shift in her well-being. The symptoms of lupus significantly improved, with the itching completely alleviated. In addition to the relief from autoimmune issues, She  also witnessed substantial weight loss, marking a holistic victory in her wellness journey.


Her success story at naturoville is a testament to the effectiveness of personalized, holistic interventions. The integration of Nadi Parikshan and targeted treatments showcased the commitment to addressing her lupus symptoms, allergic reactions, and weight concerns. This case study reinforces naturoville dedication to empowering guests like She on their unique paths to wellness.

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