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Holistic Care for Psoriasis & Obesity at Naturoville

A 35-year-old woman addressing psoriasis and obesity underwent an 18-day holistic program at Naturoville Wellness Retreat. The personalized plan included Ayurvedic therapies like Snehan and Swedana, weight management therapies, dietary adjustments for skin health and weight loss, and naturopathy treatments. Achieving significant relief from psoriasis, noticeable weight loss, and overall health improvement, this case study demonstrates the effectiveness of integrated holistic care in managing complex health conditions.


A determined 35-year-old woman, grappling with the challenges of psoriasis and obesity, sought transformative care at Naturoville Wellness Retreat. Eager to address both her skin condition and weight concerns, she embarked on an 18-day holistic healing journey.

Initial Assessment

The guest underwent a comprehensive consultation with the experienced medical team at Naturoville, expressing her struggles with psoriasis and obesity. The assessment included an evaluation of her skin condition, body weight, and overall health.

Goals and Objectives

   - Alleviate psoriasis symptoms and promote skin health.

   - Address obesity through sustainable and holistic methods.

   - Achieve an overall improvement in health and well-being.

Ayurvedic Diagnosis and Holistic Treatment Plan

The Ayurvedic diagnosis focused on balancing doshas, detoxification, and promoting weight management. The personalized holistic treatment plan included:

   a. Snehan (Internal Oleation)

      Internal oleation using medicated ghee to lubricate and nourish tissues, preparing the body for detoxification.

   b. Abhyanga (External Oleation)

      External oleation with specialized herbal oils to soothe psoriasis-affected areas and support skin healing.

   c. Swedana (Herbal Steam Therapy)

      Application of herbal steam to enhance blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and support detoxification.

   d. Vamana (Therapeutic Vomiting)

      Controlled therapeutic vomiting to eliminate toxins and address imbalances contributing to psoriasis.

   e. Weight Management Therapies

      Tailored therapies to address obesity, including Udwarthana (herbal powder massage) and Kashaya Vasti (decoction enema).

5. Dietary Recommendations

The guest's diet plan focused on promoting skin health and supporting weight management:

   - Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Turmeric, ginger, and leafy green vegetables.

   - Fiber-Rich Foods: Whole grains, legumes, and vegetables for satiety.

   - Lean Proteins: Fish, poultry, and plant-based proteins.

6. Naturopathy Treatments

Holistic naturopathy interventions included:

   - Hydrotherapy: Water-based therapies to promote detoxification and skin health.

   - Nutrition Counseling: Guidance on mindful eating and portion control.

Lifestyle Modifications

Encouraging regular physical activity, stress management techniques, and fostering a positive mindset.

Progress and Results

The guest diligently adhered to the prescribed holistic therapies, dietary changes, and lifestyle modifications. Over the 18-day period, she experienced significant relief from psoriasis symptoms, noticeable weight loss, and an overall improvement in her health and well-being.


This case study highlights the success of Naturoville Wellness Retreat in providing comprehensive care for a 35-year-old woman dealing with psoriasis and obesity. The integrated approach, encompassing Ayurvedic principles, naturopathy treatments, personalized dietary modifications, and lifestyle adjustments, contributed to the guest's remarkable transformation, achieving skin health and weight management in just 18 days.

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