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Geriatric Healing Triumph at Naturoville

An 80-year-old woman confronting severe geriatric issues, including joint pain and skin problems, found relief at Naturoville Wellness Retreat. Through a tailored approach combining Ayurvedic diagnostics, intensive Panchakarma, naturopathy therapies, and a constructive diet, she witnessed remarkable improvements in her health. This comprehensive healing process not only alleviated her symptoms but also enhanced her overall strength and vitality, showcasing Naturoville's holistic approach to overcoming age-related challenges.


A resilient 80-year-old woman arrived at Naturoville Wellness Retreat, seeking relief from severe geriatric challenges. She faced intense joint pain, debilitating skin issues, and a significant decline in overall strength and vitality.

Initial Assessment

The elderly guest underwent an extensive consultation with Naturoville's experienced medical team upon arrival. The discussion encompassed her intricate medical history, lifestyle, and the severe challenges she faced due to aging. Nadi Parikshan, an Ayurvedic diagnostic technique, was employed to gain insights into her unique constitution and identify the severity of imbalances.

Nadi Parikshan Findings

The Nadi Parikshan revealed a complex doshic imbalance, primarily characterized by aggravated Vata and Pitta doshas. These imbalances were contributing to the severe joint pain, skin issues, and the overall decline in her health.

Prakriti Definition and Intensive Treatment Plan

The medical team defined her Prakriti (individual constitution) as Vata-Pitta, signifying an intricate imbalance demanding an intensive approach. A comprehensive and tailored treatment plan was developed to address her severe geriatric challenges, focusing on providing relief from joint pain, skin restoration, and restoring overall strength and vitality.

Dietary Recommendations

Recognizing the severity of her condition, the doctors prescribed a highly constructive diet. The diet aimed at nourishing her body deeply, improving digestion, and fostering strength and rejuvenation. It included anti-inflammatory and nutrient-dense foods to address her intense health concerns.

Intensive Panchakarma and Naturopathy Therapies

The guest's severe geriatric challenges required an intensive therapeutic approach:

   a. **Abhyanga (Intensive Therapeutic Massage):**

      Specialized massages using warm herbal oils, focused on alleviating severe joint pain, improving blood circulation, and providing profound relaxation.

   b. **Panchatikta Ghrita Basti (Medicated Ghee Enema):**

      A potent enema therapy using medicated ghee to deeply nourish and rejuvenate tissues, providing relief from severe Vata imbalances.

   c. **Pratisarana (Local Application of Medicated Paste):**

      Application of specialized medicated pastes on affected joints and skin areas, addressing severe pain and promoting skin restoration.

   d. **Hydrotherapy Interventions:**

      A combination of hydrotherapy techniques, including underwater massages and compresses, to address joint pain, improve mobility, and enhance skin health.

Progress and Results

The elderly guest, despite facing severe challenges, exhibited remarkable resilience and commitment. After several weeks of adherence to the intensive treatment plan, she reported significant improvements in joint pain relief, skin texture, and a gradual restoration of strength. The holistic approach at Naturoville Wellness Retreat played a crucial role in her journey towards comprehensive healing.


This case study underscores the effectiveness of Naturoville Wellness Retreat in addressing severe geriatric challenges in an elderly woman. The combination of Ayurvedic consultation, an intensive and constructive diet, and specialized Panchakarma and Naturopathy therapies proved transformative. The guest experienced noteworthy improvements in joint pain, skin health, and overall strength, exemplifying the potential for holistic healing even in the face of severe geriatric challenges.

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